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Training Monday (age 5 - 16)
Lime Walk Primary School

Lime Walk
Hemel Hempstead
(limited parking in school grounds) 
Beginners 6-7pm 
Advanced 7-8pm
Adults 8-9.30pm

Training Thursday (age 5 - 16)
Apsley Community Centre
London Road
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP3 9SB
(parking available in Durrants Hill Rd) 
Beginners 6-7pm 
Advanced 7-8pm
Adults 8-9.30pm


Shihan Chris

Shihan Chris Green Rokudan (7th Dan Kyoshi)

Shihan Chris Green is the Chief Instructor of the group. He started his training in Shotokan Karate under the instruction of Sensei Jim Wilson in September 1974.

He founded Liger Shotokan in 1977.  He attained his Shodan (1st Dan) in May 1978 and after moving to Hemel Hempstead in 1979 he founded Harpenden and Apsley Shotokan in January 1980.  He achieved Nidan (2nd Dan) Shotokan in June 1983 and founded Sasori Karate in January 1984. 

He achieved Sandan (3rd Dan) in Shotokan in December 1986 before transferring to Goju under the instruction of Shihan Leo Lipinski in 1987.  He achieved Sandan Seiwa Kai and and Sandan JKF Gojukai. In 1989 he represented Great Britain in the Japanese Karate Federation National Championships held in Takamatsu, Japan. In July 1992 he achieved Yondan (4th Dan) in Seiwa Kai and JKF Gojukai.  He received a coaching certificate for JKF Gojukai at the same time.  He achieved his Godan (5th Dan) Seiwa Kai in July 1997 and received recognition of his Godan from the WKF (World Karate Federation) in August 1998.  He received Rokudan (6th Dan) with Sasori Karate in July 2012. He was awarded Nanadan (7th Dan) in 2019.

Chris actively served as Chairman of the JKF Gojukai GB for five years from 1990 to 1995.  He was Chief Instructor for GB Karate do Goshukan from August 2002 to January 2014.

Chris joined Shoseikan in September 2019 and attained recognition of Rokudan with them in January 2020.


Shihan Marie

Shihan Marie Green Godan (5th Dan Shihan)

Shihan Marie Green is Assistant Instructor and Secretary of the group.  She started her training in 1975, also under the instruction of Sensei Jim Wilson. 

She founded Harpenden and Apsley Shotokan along with Chris is 1980.  She attained her Shodan (1st Dan) in December 1985 having had her family whilst continuing her training and involvement with the Clubs.    She founded Sasori alongside Chris in January 1984 and was appointed Secretary of Sasori in August 1986. 

Marie switched to Goju in 1987 and achieved her Shodan (1st Dan) in Goju in December 1987.  She achieved her Nidan (2nd Dan) Seiwa Kai and JKF Gojukai in July 1989. Like Chris she represented Great Britain in Japan in 1989.  Marie achieved Sandan (3rd Dan) Seiwa Kai and JKF Gojukai in December 1993.  She achieved her Yondan (4th Dan with Sasori in December 2012 and Godan (5th Dan) in December 2018.  Marie was awarded Rokudan (6th Dan) when her and Shihan Chris Green visited Japan in 2023.

As well as assisting Chris with teaching, Marie deals with all the administration for the clubs.  


Sensei Dean

Sensei Dean Smith Yondan (4th Dan Sensei)

Sensei Dean Smith started his training in Shotokan Karate with Sasori in January 1984.  He switched to Gojukai in 1988 when the whole of Sasori was transferred over.  He achieved Shodan (1st Dan) Gojukai in July 1990.

He achieved his Nidan (2nd Dan) Gojukai in July 1992.  He taught at Harpenden Sasori from September 1991 to July 1993.  He achieved his Sandan (3rd Dan) Gojukai in December 2007 and Yondan (4th Dan) Sasori in December 2013.

Throughout more than 30 years of training Sensei Dean has supported Sasori and covers teaching of classes if  required.