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Training Monday (age 5 - 16)
Lime Walk Primary School

Lime Walk
Hemel Hempstead
(limited parking in school grounds) 
Beginners 6-7pm 
Advanced 7-8pm
Adults 8-9.30pm

Training Thursday (age 5 - 16)
Apsley Community Centre
London Road
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP3 9SB
(parking available in Durrants Hill Rd) 
Beginners 6-7pm 
Advanced 7-8pm
Adults 8-9.30pm

Karate News


Although restrictions for Covid have been largely lifted we continue to be mindful of the safety of our students.  

  1. Spectators will be allowed in the hall but there will be a limit of 10
  2. Payment is preferred by bank transfer Sort Code 20-39-07  Account 63250652 but cash will be accepted
  3. It is recommended that the Gi (suit) should be cleaned between classes and students should arrive wearing their Gi as no changing facilities will be available.
  4. Instructors hold a COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certificate




Student of the Year - Florrie Sharp (runner up Eva Barralet)

Training with Heart - Leo Kirby (runner up Alex Brooks)

Award for Leadership - Ella Hayes (runner up Erin Moriarty)

Award for Martial Spirit - Daniel Woodruff (runner up Sam Coe)

Clubman Award - Katherine Woods (runner up Frey Edards)

Most Promising Beginner - Charlotte Cummings (runner up Sydney Footitt)

Attendance Award - Gwen Sear (runner up Archie Bennett)

Most Improved Fighter - Archie Bennett (runner up Alex Brooks)

Award for Smart Appearance - Lara Patel (runner up Sophie Brooks)

Perseverence Cup - Otis Trenowith (runner up Ethan Hughes)

Etiquette Cup - Gwen Sear (runner up Abbey Cordial)

Merit Certificates - Abigail Raeburn, Abbey Cordial, James Vyse, Iris Parkins, Alex Brooks, Summer Bugbee, Rupert Moore, Ella Hayes, Ray Bennett, Mia Ransom, Isla Ransom, Iannis Agache, Sophie Osborne